3 Reasons That Will Convince You to Try IPL Betting This Season

3 Reasons That Will Convince You

A new year marks the beginning of the annual set of seasons, some of which, such as summers, are sources of displeasure, whilst others, such as spring and autumn, are almost always welcome. Similarly, annual seasons also call for annual sets of events in the form of festivals and social events, and for the die-hard fan of cricket, the IPL serves as both.

The IPL has, over the course of the decade since its inception, slowly become more of a festival, a way of life if you may, for a wide spectrum of audiences, right from the average cricket fan who has grown up idolising a cricketer or two; to the middle-aged Indian who attends live matches only in hopes of meeting the great stars of the entertainment world who have glamourize the idea of IPL and have equated cricket with entertainment in their own ways; and finally, to the ones looking for a decent side-venture to make a quick buck or two—the bookmaker. The bookmaker forms an important aspect of off-the-field cricket, and Indian Premier League betting forms an intricate aspect of their operations. In this regard, if you want to be part of this niche, backstage aspect of the IPL, you are most certainly in the right place. Here are a few reasons that should entice you to give IPL betting a shot (pun intended) this season.

Everything Has a Price Tag—You Just Don’t Know it (Yet)

The most obvious yet consequential reason of them all—the currency generating idea. Betting is certainly a lucrative means of income, if you can get your cards right—and it takes a lot more than just sheer luck or divine intervention to get calls right in a tournament as dynamic as the IPL. In any case, there is no denying that IPL is a money-generating idea for the player and bookmaker alike—and albeit the teams do not make as much money directly through IPL and the course of events in a particular match, you certainly will. The amount of money one can makes by calling the right shots is indescribable—and such incredible money-making means requires an equally high technical prowess and skills of patience and observation.

We strongly recommend you test your mettle by means of Fantasy Leagues before you dive into bigger ventures. That would not only save you from bleeding money that a novice generally does but would also save you a great deal (puns galore) of misery.

The IPL May Give You Money, but Betting Will Give You Dopamine

If there is anything as potent a force that drives one to try betting in the first place, it must be dopamine—a chemical messenger that makes one feel good about the little things in life as much as in betting. Whenever you feel good about your profits doubling, about your predictions being pinpoint accurate congratulations, the dopamine is kicking in. Despite various schools of science suggesting how dopamine surge can become pathological, we firmly believe that if indulged in betting with a fair amount of moderation, one can actually feel good about the little gifts of life and become more appreciative instead of become a gambling addict or a recluse—and this is where the tricky bits set in. Dealing in moderation is easier said than done, and for obvious reasons. The trick here, though, is to set a limiting budget for betting and not going a dime over one’s upper limit. This would not only prevent monetary losses per se, but also result in moderate release of dopamine and serotonin, and that isn’t really such a bad thing after all.

Lethargy isn’t as Bad a Thing After All

In the modern world that is so heavily dependent on technology and is plagued with all sorts of convenience in terms of availability and accessibility, being able to earn money from one’s basement isn’t as onerous as it was a couple of decades ago—various platforms, forums, online betting sites, and apps across various app stores have made it accessible for novice and professional alike.

We live in a world of instant gratification—and just as is the case with dopamine, if the idea of instant gratification can be moderated by delaying it oftentimes, making profits while feeling happy by staying in your basement doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all, mostly. 

To Conclude

IPL is a great platform for bookmakers to make a fat, seasonal profit. However, it is also important  to keep in mind that enjoying a good game of cricket should be the quintessential reason why one tunes into a game of IPL in the first place—no matter the profits, you should spend some time spectating the core sense of sportsmanship, and enjoy cricket matches with friends and family.