Do You Know How Teen Patti Works? Here’s All You Need to Know

How Teen Patti Works

Do you know How Teen Patti Works? This article gives you step by step basic idea about how teen patti works and basics rules of teen patti?

Even if you are not a card game enthusiast, you must have seen advertisements for Teen Patti on a regular day to day websites. It is an Indian gambling card game that is gaining popularity day by day.

Ideally, 3-6 people can play it, with a 52-card deck. Before the cards are dealt a sum of money as per a unanimous decision, is collected from each player. This money contributes to the boot amount and this amount contributes to the pot, and this is kept at the centre of the table, amidst the players. This pot money grows, and the winner of the round wins it. As is customary in poker games, the player who manages to remain in the game till the very end and manages to have the best hand as per a pre-set ranking.

Ranking of the cards in descending order is- 

teen patti

Trail or Set (three of the same rank),

Pure sequence,

Sequence (or run),


Pair (two cards of the same rank), and

High Card.

It should be noted that in a sequence A-K-Q is the highest-ranked sequence while A-2-3 is the second-highest ranked sequence.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game and has to choose between the options of not seeing the cards and placing a bet or seeing the cards. Players who place their bets without seeing their cards are called blind players and those who place their bets after seeing the cards are called seen players. The seen players can play chaals or may have other alternatives based on the game.

Blind Player

Blind players or those who have not seen their cards have three options – to Pack, or play Blond and Show, if available.

In order to play blind, the bet amount is supposed to be equal to the current stake amount or double that of the current stake amount. In the case of the first player, the current stake amount is equal to the boot amount. If the first player chooses to be a blind player, then the bet amount has to be equal or double that of the boot amount.

The amount of bet that the blind player places become the stake amount for the next player and the bet placed by the next player becomes the stake amount for the next and thus the game continues.

A blind player can play for a show only when there is just one other player remaining in the game. After this blind show, the cards of both players will be made visible and the winner will get the pot. A blind player can ask for a Show only when there is one opponent remaining in the game. This is a blind show. After asking for show, the cards of both the players become visible and the winner gets the pot.

Seen Player-

The seen player, who is one who has seen their cards, have the options of playing Chaal or Pack. They also have a few other options like Show and Side Show. Once the player has seen the cards, the only option available to him in order to remain in the game is to play chaal unless you have any other available option like show and side show is available as suited to the game at hand.


The bet amount for players who have seen their cards, by a rule must be two times or four times the current stake amount. If the player before him had been a blind player, the amount bet by him becomes the stake amount for the next player. However, if the player before him had also been a seen player then the stake amount for the next player will be half the amount set by the previous player.

Side Show:

This is an option that a seen player can engage in. It basically is a way to compare your cards with those of the previous players. This, however, is only possible if the previous player is also another seen player who can either accept or deny your request for a sideshow. The amount to be bet is equal to twice the current stake. If the request for the sideshow is accepted then the player with the worst hand has to pack, the turn passing to the player next to whoever packed. If the request is however denied the players do not get to compare their cards, both of them get to remain in the game.

Some of the casino games like Teen Patti cash games have become so popular that it has become a part of daily pop culture. Shraddha Kapoor, back in 2010 even did a movie based on the game called Teen Patti. Indians’ love for teen Patti is driving the mobile gaming industry.

Not only is Teen Patti becoming popular, but some ancillary games, related to it and some killer variations of the same have also come up as well. These more or less follow the same rules and principles and should be easy for you if you are well versed in how to play Teen Patti. 

India has had a boom in the number of consumers for online teen Patti and given that it is a fairly simple game to play and the rules have just been explained to you, you can also try your hand at it.