Kapil Sharma contributes Rs 50 lakh in the fight against Coronavirus to PM relief fund

Kapil Sharma contributes Rs 50 lakh

Kapil Sharma has chosen to donate a massive amount to the PM relief fund to fight against Coronavirus. Look on.

PM Modi took a big decision to counter the Coronavirus pandemic on March 24, 2020. He declared a nationwide 21-day lockdown to contain COVID-19’s spread. With this three-week lockdown (until April 14), India became one of the first nations
to take such a drastic measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

India’s economy is being adly hit with stores, banks, entertainment sectors and everything else being shut down. Yes, the Coronavirus note outbreak didn’t stress us medically and mentally, but in a big way financially too.

Although the government is doing its best to deal with the crisis,
it is going to be a very tough time for daily wage workers. Since they do not have a job now, they struggle even to fill their stomachs.
Kapil Sharma has come out in the middle of all of this to offer a helping hand. Being the first to do so, Kapil agreed to contribute a huge sum to the relief fund for the Prime Minister to fight this tough time. Yeah, you read it correctly! In this time of distress, the actor-comedian offered some financial support to the country and government.

Just a few minutes ago today (March 26, 2020), Kapil took to his Twitter handle to reveal that he is donating Rs. 50 lakh to the PM relief fund to counter the war on Coronavirus. He said it is time to stand with those who are in desperate need. He also asked all people to follow the guidelines as stipulated by the officials. Kapil urged everyone to stay at home and stay healthy. Fans have been lauding him for his generosity and modest nature ever since he was revealed. While some shower their love over him, others call him, ‘ Man with Gold’s heart. ‘

Kapil encouraged fans to stay united in spirits and to practice self-isolation in order to keep Coronavirus at bay to save the world.

We thank Kapil for his courteous gesture and hope that others will follow suit.

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