Casino games with Best and Worst odds

Casino Games Have the Best and Worst Odds to Win

As much as playing on online casinos are fun and entertaining, it is important to be well informed on the games. At the end of the day, you are putting in real money; so it’s only sensible that you make the most of it.

 Losing is a process one must go through in the game, but it would be foolish to gamble away in utter foolishness. All you need is to be well-informed on every game and its odds in the online casino games. From this, you will be able to decide which is the best and worst.

 Playing some games despite the odds is understandable. The fun and entertainment are very important. Due to this, we do come across games with lousy odds being played by more users. These people visit the casino just to enjoy its games.

 “The house always wins” is an all too familiar phrase in the gambling circle because it happens to be a fact. The odds (no matter what) are always stacked up against a player. But there are some games whose odds favor you more than that of the other games.

 We are just going to tell you about the online casino games with high payouts which you can put your money on and a few certain games whose odds are poor. You will do much better steering away from these games.

 Alt text: Online Casino Games with the Best and Worst Odds

Online Casino Games with the Best and Worst Odds

Best odds

The following games have the best odds. Welcome them with open arms!


It has odds of 49%, which is really good. Every player is playing against the dealer. The dealer purely depends on luck. The hand which comes closest to 21 without going over it wins. 21 is called the bust.

 Winning Blackjack takes luck and skill. The dealer has only a 1 percent advantage, so odds of winning are pretty much equal.


This gives a 50% odds at winning. Craps is played with dice, a table game where the one who rolls the dice is the shooter with players making bets on the results.

 If the shooter wins on a 7 or 11 on the first roll, any other number will be called a “point.” The shooter will need to hit the point before a 7 is rolled to win. Bets can be placed on whether the shooter wins or not, a pass line wager your odds are 50/50. You can place other bets for which odds drop but payouts rise.


You either bet on Reds or Blacks giving you a 50/50 chance. If you bet red and it lands on a red, your bet will double. Choosing a color seems enough to win!

 Feeling insanely lucky? Just bet on a single number then. It’s difficult to win, but if you land your number, it pays 36 to 1; which is an awful lot!

Worst Odds

The following games have the worst odds. Steer clear!

Wheel of Fortune

Odds stand at a low 26-39%. In this, you place bets on where the wheel stops. The labeled amount is what you will win if your prediction is right. 1$ bets have the best odds of winning with the house having only an 11% edge. Joker has the highest payout at 36x, but a 24% edge for the house exists.


A literal waste of your money with very low odds of 1 in 49,836,032. You put money in, pull a lever and depending on where it stops, you win or lose. It’s purely only for the fun and entertainment as the odds are highly improbable.

 Now that you know your odds, take an educated choice before you step into the world of gambling online. We sincerely hope that the odds are in your favour. We trust that you’ll make the most of it either way, though.